Discover How Busy
Professional Working Mothers
Just Like YOU
Manage To Be GREAT Moms,
Continue To Kick Butt In Their Careers AND
Actually ENJOY Their Journey!

We Know The Challenges Corporate Working Mothers Go Through…

In late 2008 our founder Dr. Stephie Althouse was asked to take on the challenge to turn around a nearly bankrupt high-tech company during the worst economy in recent times – all while her child was a very young infant.  She did.  She and her team managed to raise revenues by 41% and the company began to prosper again.

But she had a big challenge: How could she be a great mom (because there she wouldn’t want to be anything less) AND at the same time EXCEL at turning the company around (because that, too, was very important to her)? She found and created a number of techniques, connected many dots, and in places found that she needed to shift her mindset a bit.  She tested and tweaked and tested some more….

And the result is a new kind of LIFESTYLE MASTERY that allowed her to do very well in her career AND have a blast with her and her family!

Can you believe that she and her family even went camping for a whole three weeks last year – loving every moment of it?!!

Now It Is YOUR Turn…

Now YOU Have the Opportunity To Upgrade YOUR Life With Moms Never Sleep™!

Finally there is a tested, successful and happy answer to the grueling questions:

  • Can I Be A GREAT Mom AND Be Very Successful in My Profession AND Provide For My Family AND Have Time For Myself, Time To Breathe – Time To Enjoy It All ?
  • Can I Do All This Without Feeling Guilty Or Fearing That My Children Might Feel Neglected?
  • Can I Create More and Better Options That Allow Me To Do Anything That Is Truly Important To Me And My Family?

Fortunately, the Answer is a Resounding YES!

And We Can Show You How!

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