Do You Strive To Be A Great Mom AND Kick Major Butt In Your Career?

And Do Seek Ways Your Employees Can Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line AND Have a Happy Balance Between Work and Life?

If you said “YES” to either one of these questions you have come to the right place!

Save Yourself Lots of Time And Trial & Error

Our CEO and founder Dr. Stephie Althouse truly understands the extensive multi-tasking and overwhelm that CEO and other executive mothers often go through.  She has developed a powerful solution to it!

Her organization Moms Never Sleep™  helps you as an executive mother to replace stress, guilt and sleepless nights with an unbeatable combination of success AND happiness!

Imagine having enough time for your work, your family and yes, even for yourself!

Yes, that is possible – despite you have a ton of responsibility on your shoulders and a lot of eyes on your results every day!

Read Dr. Stephie Althouse’s story here

Our Programs For CEO Working Mothers

And For Your Other Employees, Too.

  • Executive Coaching
  • Customized Workshops – ranging from lunch hour talks, 3-hour and full-day workshops to fully customized workshop series
  • Rejuvenating Retreats (Options include: for Employees or “Bring your whole family”)
  • Life-changing Video Seminars with Weekly Live Interaction – To Support You and Employees with Implementation
  • Fantastic Membership – A great employee benefit; select the level that is best for you (coming soon).

Moms Never Sleep™ Benefits

  • Be a Great Mom AND Kick Butt in Your Career – without guilt, your kids feeling neglected, your friends forgetting who you are
  • Higher Company Profits
  • Happy, Productive, High-Caliber Employees
  • Ecstatic Customers – think of the business and referrals you can get!
Call us at 760-5MOMS41 (760-566-6741) or email us at for a FREE consultation on customized programs for your company.
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