Companies that Support Their Employees In Having A Better Work-Life-Self Balance Are More Productive, Don’t Get Sick As Often, Don’t Burn Out And Are Loyal!

Not to mention these companies are able to attract (and keep!) the best talent!

That’s true for all employees, not just working mothers!

Corporate Training Options

  • Executive Coaching (one-on-one or in a group) – effective Kickstarter packages are available
  • Customized Workshops – ranging from lunch hour talks, 3-hour and full day workshops to fully customized workshop series
  • Rejuvenating Retreats (Options include: for Employees or “Bring your whole family”)
  • Life-Changing Video Seminars with Weekly Live Interaction – To Support Employees With Implementation
  • Fantastic Membership – A great employee benefit; select the level that is best for you (coming soon)

Overall Benefits

  • Higher Profits
  • Happier Employees
  • Ecstatic Customers

It’s a Win-Win-Win!


  • Decrease employee sick time
  • Prevent employee burnout
  • Cause employee loyalty to soar
  • Replace need to “control” employees with an ownership mentality
  • Gain more business and referrals from ecstatic cutomers (because your employees are happier your customers are happier – it works every time!)

Even More Benefits

  • Attract more highly qualified females into leadership positions
  • Enhance your company’s bottom line by drawing on a blend of male and female leadership
  • Enhance your company’s culture via better work-life balance and a blend of male/female leadership

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