Want Your Employees To Be Top Effective?

Most Companies Answer “YES” …But They Don’t Know HOW To Support Their Employees In Being Top Effective, Day In, Day Out.

Moms Never Sleep™ offers your company interactive training workshops  to support your employees in being top effective employees enhancing the company’s bottom line while enjoying a happy balance between work, family and themselves.

This means their top effectiveness will last day in, day out, for many years to come.  It means your customers will be (even) happier! And your profits will increase!

The coaching will be conducted by Dr. Stephanie Althouse who is a renowned coach, a CEO who has turned a nearly bankrupt high-tech company in the worst recent economy AND a mother of a ow 4 1/2 year old son. Her credentials speak for themselves.

Sample Workshop Topics

  • Learn how to be not only efficient but effective – have a sharpened understanding of what to truly focus on
  • Become even more results oriented
  • Learn and receive support for implementing a number of very effective techniques to save time and money and do more with less resources
  • Focus on the big picture (purpose of what they are doing) while keeping the details in order
  • Become even better problem solvers using our approach of optionism(TM)
  • We also cover the need for taking care of yourself because without that it is just a matter of time before the employee will slow down, become less productive and quite possibly even burn out
  • Ownership mindset
  • We prove that results – the right kind of results – can be produced in less time than ever thought – if we create the right mindset and culture around it.

Live Workshops

  • Lunch talks
  • 3-hour workshops
  • Full-day workshops
  • Fully customized workshop series

These can be quite customized to the needs of your company based on your input and a joint assessment.

Video Seminars

  • One video seminar per week (typical duration is 8 weeks; content about 15 minutes per week)
  • Live interaction once per week to support implementation – either live in person or live over the phone/internet.

Keep in mind that when you are hiring Dr. Althouse you are not just hiring a conventional corporate trainer whose workshops might be perceived by some as a mere “pep talk”. Dr. Althouse has a lot of professional and C-level executive business experience.  She is fluent in the languages of business leadership and business development. Yet, she also connects very well with subject experts who work intently on solving often highly technical issues and/or who have very specialized skills.  Dr. Althouse has worked with people from various cultures, various personality styles and helped companies go through troubled times, shifted mindsets from scarcity to possibility etc.

More Detailed Description of Workshops

  • Lunch talks are a great way to get employees thinking about the chosen topic. A handout on which to talk notes and do exercises will be provided. Lunch workshops are a great way to jumpstart increases in performance, ownership thinking and employee well-being at the same time.
  • During three-hour workshops we have the opportunity to go more in depth, interact more, discuss ideas, ask questions and thoroughly learn 3 key concepts and techniques. After deciding on the workshop content we can give you a questionaire employees can fill out beforehand to further enhance the value and experience of the workshop.  All participants receive a workbook to take notes in, do exercises and keep as reference for continued use.  Bonus: A book written by Dr. Stephie Althouse will be offered to each participant.
  • During the full-day workshops we have the time to really unearth opportunities to make the organization much better.  Dr. Althouse teaches the amazing techniques outlined above which are ultimately aimed at making the company better and more profitable, the company’s customer ecstatic and the employees successful and happy! To achieve this win-win-win we may need to dig a little deeper on where the “shoe presses” – in other words, what are the challenges employees see.  This gives the opportunity to suggest solutions that have been tested successfully, even in very challenging climates. For example, communication issues and broken systems are often the reason for frustration, long hours, decreased profits etc. Bonus: A book written by Dr. Stephie Althouse will be offered to each participant. Check out also Retreats.
  • Workshop series extend the idea and scope of full-day workshops. Let us talk about your needs and we will be happy to supply you with a proposal. For example, you may have a company that is going through a change, a growth spurt, a succession planning effort, and/or you are working on enhancing the ownership mindset of an employee-owned company.  Check out also Retreats.
  • Our video seminar series are a highly effective (both in terms of time and cost) method to train your employees.



We offer 

  • Lunch talks
  • 3-Hour workshops
  • Whole-day workshops
  • Customized Workshop series
  • Video seminar series – e.g. 8 modules at 1 module/week with weekly live interaction

Pick any of these options and improve employee productivity & happiness from that day on!

Want to improve your company’s profits, enhance customer happiness and support your employees and  at the same time? 

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