What Is YOUR Preference?

Would you rather

  • Have an employee who works 12+ hours per day in the office, has no life, burns out and gets x results OR
  • One who produces 2-3 x in no more than 8 hours per day (or less), has a fulfilling life, spends quality time with family, appreciated her/his job and, well, feels successful AND happy?

What if that “employee” was actually YOU – and/or some of your key leaders in your company (whether they are a mother or not)?

Moms Never Sleep™ offers executive coaching either on a one-on-one basis or in an intimate group setting for your executives and key employees. The goal is support these key members of your company to top effective employees – in a sustainable manner for short and long-term success! – enhancing the company’s bottom line while enjoying a happy balance between work, family and themselves.

The coaching will be conducted by Dr. Stephanie Althouse herself. She is a renowned coach and has extensive C-level experience. She has turned around a nearly bankrupt high-tech company in the worst recent economy all the while being a mother of a now four year old son. Her credentials speak for themselves.


You and/or your employees will learn and receive support to implement

  • How to be not only efficient but effective – the difference is that they have a sharpened understanding of what to truly focus on
  • How to become even more results oriented
  • A number of very effective techniques to save time and money and do more with less resources – and importantly, they get the support to implement these techniques!
  • Focus on the big picture (purpose of what they are doing) while keeping the details in order
  • Becoming an even better problem solver using our approach of optionism(TM)
  • Think like an owner rather than a typical employee
  • Feel an enhanced sense of responsibility, have the skills to deliver on it effectively, and reap as rewards both greater success and enhanced work-life balance
  • We also cover the need for taking care of yourself because without that it is just a matter of time before the employee will slow down, become less productive and quite possibly even burn out
  • We prove that results – the right kind of results – can be produced in less time than ever thought – if we create the right mindset and culture around it

When employees are treated more like owners, when they are trained in ownership mindset while being provided with the right tools and techniques it is inevitable that company profits will rise and their customer happiness will increase while the employees enjoy an enhanced work-life-self balance that often is taught of as “impossible” for successful employees, especially in management and executive positions.

Areas of Specialty

  • We also specialize in companies that are in the technology sector and/or are highly specialized in their craft/ area of business.  We simply have a lot of experience with business development and employee development in those businesses.
  • Our training is very effective in increasing profits and thus is very instrumental in assisting companies that seek to grow to the next level of success and/or companies that have fallen on “bad times” and are working on recovery. Again, we’ve been there done that!
  • We also really love working with companies that offer some form of employee ownership. The reason is simple: It is simpler for employees to assume an ownership mindset when they actually do own a piece of the company. Even a little can go a long ways. 
Call us at 760-5MOMS41 (760-566-6741) or email us at stephie@MomsNeverSleep.com for a FREE consultation on customized programs for your company.