Are You A Mom Working In A High-Tech And/Or High-Talent Company?

You are familiar with the term of  “high-tech” company…. working in high-tech requires high talents and a keen interest to be working in innovation and often fast-paced, high demand environments.

You might not have heard the phrase “high-talent” company.  But you do know what it is! :-) High-talent companies come in all shapes and sizes; not all of them are about technology :-) Yet they have one thing in common: You bring your immense talents to the table, day-in, day-out. It is an exciting environment to be in. And often it is a demanding environment to be in, too.

Examples of high-talent companies are law firms,  financial firms, health care, companies that combine art and technology, designers of innovative clothing and many, many more.

Here’s an example:  One of our clients designs and builds all the glass in very high-end, beautiful residences and stunning commercial buildings using their unique mix of technology and art. Imagine staircases made totally from glass and a walkway over the Grand Canyon made from glass…. Wow!

As another example, working at a top law firms often means intense intellectual pursuit of cases on behalf of their clients which you often have to achieve under time pressure.  Success for the client and number of billable hours – and quite possibly “face time” in the office – are all daily success metrics lawyers deal with.

Whether you work in high-tech or another type of high-talent company we know from our own experience that you CAN be hugely successful in this field AND be a great Mom – all without having to constantly be “SuperWomen” – or giving up on having time for yourself or friends outside of work!

Moms Never Sleep™ supports you in orchestrating life so that you can be, have and do what you want – NOW!

Let’s stop the guilt, the stress, and the sleep deprivation … instead find a calmer, more joyous way to have all the success you want AND the happiness you seek!

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