Are You A Mom Working In a High-Talent Company?

You are familiar with the term of  “high-tech” company…. but you might not have heard the  might not have heard the phrase “high-talent” company.  But you do know what it is! :-) High-talent companies come in all shapes and sizes, yet they have one thing in common: You bring your immense talents to the table, day-in, day-out. It is an exciting environment to be in. And often it is a demanding environment to be in, too.

We know from our own experience that we CAN be hugely successful in this field AND be a great Mom – all without having to constantly be “SuperWomen” – or giving up on having time for ourselves or friends outside of work!

We support you in orchestrating life so that you can be, have and do what you want – NOW!

Let’s stop the guilt, the stress, and the sleep deprivation … instead find a calmer, more joyous way to have all the success you want AND the happiness you seek!

Our Solution

Moms Never Sleep™ offers cutting-edge programs that support you in achieving all you want to achieve – as a mom, wife, and mother working in the exciting and challenging field of technology – without feeling like you are going crazy, burning out or feeling like your hair is on fire most of the time! :-)

  • Personal Coaching (One-on-One or, if you desire, in an intimate group) – effective Kickstarter packages are available
  • Customized Fun Workshops – we are happy to come to your company/organization/group
  • Rejuvenating Fun Retreats (You can even bring your family if you like)
  • Live-changing Video Seminars with Weekly Live Interaction – To Support You With Implementation
  • Fantastic Membership  (coming shortly) – select the level that is best for you


  • Hugely successful AND
  • Have time for yourself
  • In other owrds: Have enough time for you, your family AND your work
  • All without guilt, constant stress and sleepless nights
  • Without having to be “SuperWomen” (as addicting as that might be… :-)).

And Even More Benefits

  • Prevent illness and burnout
  • Be a better parent, wife and friend
  • Be recognized as exceptional leader in your career
  • Be recognized for enhancing your company’s bottom line – and be rewarded accordingly


Call us at 760-5MOMS41 (760-566-6741) or email us at for a FREE consultation on customized programs for you.