How The Moms Never Sleep™ Lifestyle Mastery Came About

Stephie_gardenIn late 2008 our founder Dr. Stephie Althouse was asked to take on the challenge to turn around a nearly bankrupt high-tech company during the worst economy in recent times – all while her child was a very young infant.  She did.  She and her team managed to raise revenues by 41% during her first year on the job and the company began to prosper again.

But She Had A Big Challenge…

How could she be a great mom (because there she wouldn’t want to be anything less) AND at the same time EXCEL at turning the company around (because that, too, was very important to her)? She found and created a number of techniques, connected many dots, and in places found that she needed to shift her mindset a bit. She tested and tweaked and tested some more….

And the result is a new kind of LIFESTYLE MASTERY that allowed her to do very well in her career AND have a blast with her and her family!

Can you believe that she and her family even went camping for a whole three weeks last year – loving every moment of it?!!

Our CEO and founder Dr. Stephie Althouse is  an executive technologist, business leader and a mom of a now 4-year old son, Dylan.

She’s often called the “No-Brainer Trainer“.  She is very effective at helping moms handle the challenges they encounter 24/7.  She guides and supports Moms in overcoming guilt, stress and sleepless nights and in replacing them with more joy, more success and more time  for doing what they love.  Moms no longer have to solve their challenges by themselves. Together we can find a solution that is right for you with a no-brainer path for making it happen.

Dr. Stephie Althouse – Some of Her Accolades

  • She was recognized by MIT Technology Review as one of 100 “most promising young innovators under the age of 35” (1999).
  • She received several “Technology of the Year Awards” through the Small Business Innovative Research program.
  • She was Chief Operating Officer and VP for Research & Development of a high-tech company and was instrumental in increasing revenues by 29-41%.
  • She is still working as “Visiting CEO” for companies that need turn around, a growth plan, a succession plan, employee training and more.
  • She raised in excess of 7 million dollars in research and product development grants.
  • Her ability to define business focus, implement win-win strategies and build true relationships paired with her skill to effectively bridge the languages of technology and business have made her sought after in the high-tech business world.

Save Yourself Lots of Time And Trial & Error

Dr. Stephie Althouse truly understands the extensive multi-tasking and overwhelm that moms often go through and she has developed a powerful solution to it.  Her organization Moms Never Sleep™  helps you as a mom to replace stress, guilt and sleepless nights with joy, success and time for what you truly love! You can do it!

What We Offer at Moms Never Sleep™

  • A community of caring and ambitious Moms to connect with – you are never alone
  • Workshops  (live and on video), e.g., “Out of Balance? How to Balance?” and “Teach Your Children Well
  • Personal coaching one-on-one and in groups
  • Retreats – Learn and be pampered – and Yes, you can bring your family, too!
  • Tools for you to mentor your children important skills not commonly taught in school
  • Exclusive success interviews with inspiring Moms – pick up  their wisdom and apply their success stories to your journey
  • Access to experts selected specifically for professional working moms who want to optimize their life.
  • Online Membership – lots of life-changing tips and tricks, all proven to work, right at your finger tips (coming shortly)

Moms Never Sleep™ Benefits

  • Do you want to get so skillful at living your life that your children and family dovetail happily into pursuing your passions, from kicking butt in your career to pursuing other passions you have?
  • Do you want to discover tried and true ways maximize your success AND happiness?
  • Do you crave support in teaching your children how to excel at achieving their dreams and maximize success AND happiness?

Please call us at 760-5MOMS41 (760-566-6741) or email us at for a FREE consultation on customized programs for you and/or your company.

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