Imagine A FUN Workshop…

  • Meet Other Successful Women Who Work In High-Talent Companies and Are Mothers, Too. 
  • Moms To Whom It Matters A Great Deal To Be A GREAT Mom AND Kick Butt In Their Career!

Now Imagine A Teacher Who Has Lived All That…. And Still Does…

Her name is Dr. Stephie Althouse.  She Can Save You From So Much Stress, Guilt, and Trial & Error. And she really cares that you have fun and get the result you are looking for.

You have invested so much in yourself, your education and professional experience.  Now you are a Mom AND a working professional.  It can be pretty overwhelming because women like us always want to excel, no matter what it is we do…. pursuing a career, building a business, and of course, being a Great Mom and wife…s…

The Big Question Is…

How can you do all that and not burn out, or get ill, or lose your zest over time?

  • Do you need to be “Super Women”?
  • Do you need to pick 2 out of 3 -work, family, friends and then forgo the rest?
  • What about time for YOU, too? Is it selfish to want some time for YOURSELF, too?

Moms Never Sleep™ was created to support and guide you as a corporate working mothers on your journey to attract big success AND big happiness into your life. We have been there, felt these challenges and have come up with answers – proven answers that work! Proven answers that can save you a lot of time, reduce stress, nagging feelings of guilt and sleepless nights.

Workshops Designed Specifically For Professional Working Mothers Like You

  • We use proven accelerated learning technology.
  • You will be trained by Dr. Stephie Althouse who is a highly sought after technology professional, trainer and executive coach with lots of C-level experience.  AND she is a Mom.  She has turned around a high-tech company that was close to going out of business while her son was an infant.  Some of her clients hire her as “visiting CEO” to grow their company, train their employees in “doing more with less”, ownership mindset, selfcare, and methods to enhance their work-life balance all the while reaping in more success and fulfillment than they thought possible.
  • The cool thing is: Dr. Stephie Althouse and all we teach is REAL. No hype or ra-ra.
  • We have fun! We like to call our workshops playshops. Who says getting results has to dull! Not us!
  • And yes, we are certified by the American Seminar Leaders Association!

Save precious time and get the support you deserve to live the life you want – Big happiness AND Big success  -, however, that looks like for you. You deserve support. You have earned it.

Moms Never Sleep™ Workshops – Examples

  • Get Your Day On Track In Five Minutes or Less – Learn how To Replace Your To-Do List With A Purpose Map
  • Do More With Less – From Time Creation Machines To Turbocharging Your Life
  • Discover and Apply The Formula For How To Be HAPPIEST
  • Basic Selfcare That Makes ALL The Difference  – In the Time You’ve Got
  • Master the Art of Optionsim: More Options For a Happy AND Successful Life
  • Teach Your Children Well – What They Need To Know To Reach Their Dreams, Yet Is Not taught in school...

All of our workshops come with a great workbook that supports you in retaining and applying the life-changing information.

Bonus: Receive a copy of the book by Dr. Stephie Althouse “Your HAPPIEST – How to Bring Work, Life and YOU Into Harmony”

Improve Your Work-Life Balance NOW and Reap More Success AND More Happiness!


Take Action Today and Call us at 760-5MOMS41 (760-566-6741) or email us at for a FREE consultation on customized programs for you.  And ask for our schedule for upcoming workshops.